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A revised Grant Application Form is now available on the forms page and should be used for all new applications effective from 01 April 2015. Please note that this form now incorporates the Application Check list - Additional Items.

The chairman of the Trustees, Tony Billson, issued the following update in April 2015 about the Foundation's 2014 activities. 

During 2014 the Trustees have continued their considerable support in encouraging the development and the growth of hockey across England, and various sports in Milton Keynes.

Funding has been given to hockey clubs throughout the country as far apart as Devon, Suffolk and Yorkshire. Support has been given, amongst other things, for the replacement of pitches that have come to the end of their useful life, together with the provision of new pitches.

In addition help has been provided towards the costs of floodlighting and changing room developments.

In the Milton Keynes area the Trustees have been able to assist different organisations as well as continuing to support the valuable work of Sport Milton Keynes. The provision of an award to Action 4 Youth to assist them to fund a Yurt village for the use of children and young people is worthy of special note.

Whilst funds remain available, the Trustees will endeavour to continue to ensure a fair allocation of grants to those projects that fully meet the Trust's objectives to enable growth in a sport and particularly the opportunity to ensure young people have a chance to enter a sport.

The Trustees will not consider applications that are aimed at elite development or that do not provide long term legacy opportunities.

Whilst it is not the intention of the Trustees to make these too onerous, they have noticed a growing tendency for grantees not to follow the conditions imposed when accepting an award and to appear reluctant to keep the Trustees informed of progress of the project. The Trustees require that grantees meet or exceed any conditions that may be imposed and agreed at the time of making an award.  

Pictured below most of the Trustees at their meeting in January 2015.   


From January 2012 The List of Grants Awarded includes a link to the web sites of successful applicants.

At the request of several would be applicants the Trustees have now included an example application:

Example Application

Further details of this are available on the "Example Application" section on the web site.

The Trustees are always keen to learn what applicants feel about the application process and they would be pleased to hear from anyone who would like to complete the questionnaire and provide relevant feedback for the Trustees to consider. If you would like to complete a questionnaire please follow the link


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